Scott Schwab

At the age of 15 Scott Schwab found himself paralyzed and unable to respond with the challenge of not being able to use his arms and legs. That experience was the first experience that he had to wake up and look at life differently. Doctors told Scott that it was now time to focus on using his mind because he would probably not ever play sports again.


Two years later Scott was playing on the varsity Football team and enjoying his Senior year. A few years later, Scott played a pivotal role on a Semi-pro football team. The quest to become has been the journey of a lifetime. Next on his list was to compete in a Triathlon and continue his quest towards rejecting the status quo of good enough. He pushed further when deciding to compete in a NPC Physique competition and getting in the best shape of his life in his 30’s with children and very little time.

Scott's experiences lead he and a business partner to create a concept of nutrition through healthy smoothies and supplements. The launch of Mixers Nutrition ensued and benefits people all over the world with healthy articles and great products. During the same timeframe, Scott founded and launched a software business that he has since sold, but continues to be the chairman of the board. Business Plan University was the initial concept that taught people how to create a business plan that was accredited and regionally recognized.

That company lead Scott to focus on the education industry and changing education through process learning. Business Format Inc. is a company that delivers custom built Learning management Systems, Database Solutions, and Content Management delivery. Hudu University is a Digital Online school with focus on process learning and accountability through enlightened learning. Both companies benefit from accreditation and a focus for systematic improvement and development.

A true entrepreneur, Scott continues very active roles with multiple companies and consults both individuals and companies on new and refreshing ways to improve. From working with fortune 50 companies, Inc. 500 companies, and also making the decision to be a business owner and create jobs; the number one concept taught and learned by Scott is accountability. Through his experiences Scott lives with the idea that accountability is the key to success.


Scott is the happy husband and father of three children and another on the way. His wife and family reside in Utah and enjoy the outdoors, being active, and living life with the goal to become more, be more, and empower more, through accountability. Accountability is the hinge upon the development, satisfaction, and success of everything.